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Picture. This man used his God-given talent to do this in the middle of the road.

We all have talents that provide us distinct advantages over other people in certain situations. Talent is a gift given to us by God and it comes naturally to you the moment you are born. And there are many people in this world with various talents, some of them come in a variety of different fields of expertise that people are always interested in.

When it comes to swimming, some people have a natural talent for swimming, others have a natural talent for football, which distinguishes them from other footballers, and when it comes to singing, some people have a natural talent for singing, which allows them to sing better than other musicians who are also into music. And there are those who are more skilled than some artists in the field of art.

Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Pablo Picasso are just a few of the individuals that have been dubbed the greatest artists in human history. With their artistic abilities, these men were able to create some of the finest works the world has ever seen, and even after their deaths, their magnificent works are still remembered. However, there are certain artists in this current period who are likewise capable of creating amazing artistic works with their God-given talent. In a photo we saw on the internet, a man uses his artistic talent to draw none other than Jesus Christ himself on the road in his hometown to convey how grateful he is for all that God has given him.

In this viral photo, this whose man is Swapan Das is seen drawing and painting an astounding depiction of Jesus Christ on a street and he painted this painting of Jesus Christ on one of India's busiest roads in order to praise God while also preaching the message of peace to everyone on the planet. Many individuals around the world have viewed the image on various social media platforms.

This demonstrates how people with God-given talent can create amazing things that bring others together regardless of where they are.

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