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Literature Poetry

Poem: “Whores And Monsters”

In Gender-Based ViolencePoetry

Seventh Grade

I told you to take your hands off of me and you laughed

I had to physically fight you off and kick you in the groin to make you let go.

It worked, but not for long.

Eighth Grade

You’re at it again.

Of course, you are.

I fight you off again

This time the other boys call me a bitch and say I overreacted.

I didn’t.

Present Day

You’re a priest now and the very idea makes me sick.

But Junior High was a long time ago,

Maybe you’ve changed.

But probably not.

I’m a mother now, and it’s my job to ensure my son doesn’t behave like you

But because he’s a boy, I have to ensure he’s safe from your brethren behind the thin white line of the collars around your necks.

Your Facebook profile says you’re an exorcist.


You’re more concerned about the hypothetical spiritual monsters than the actual human monsters at your side

The ones who leave battlefields of broken childhoods in their wake

We’re older now and it’s easier for you to hide

Hide behind your cherry-picked Bible verses and your black robes

But I still see you

You, with your perverse piety

Obsessed with those slutty teen girls who apparently impregnate themselves

Demonic whores, waiting for you to lay on your hands (are you at it again?) and cast them out.

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Whores And Monsters


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