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5 Common dreams and what they may mean

Many a times, as superstitious as we Africans may be there are many things which happen both physically and spiritually which have meaning interpretations and meanings and do not occur by chance.

Many of us have had several dreams where we have tried enough our best to interpret but fail abruptly which has led to series of depressions and overthinking. Let us look at a few common dreams and their meanings which may help us live our live comfortably and understand changes in our environment.

1.Falling in your dream is probably the commonest of all dreams we have had in our lives with many people testifying to this always.This particular dream is mostly centered on bad omens which mostly problems and tough times.

Many societies believe that when one falls in his dreams he or she sees a decline is his or her business or mostly health state and in a case the person falls from a much greater height he or she may pass away.

2.Seeing yourself naked in your dreams is also another bad omen which falls for serious prayer and guidance from a pastor or religious cleric.

This dream is mostly interpreted as people either having their deep secrets being exposed or they becoming spiritually married by bad or evil spirits which can affect their marriage or love life.

3.Flying in your dreams ? Then you need to really take your spiritual life seriously as this could mean that you may probably be initiated into a spiritual organization or group or probably being trained into wizardry.

It may also mean an increase in your wealth or finances and a change in your life or a Possible promotion at your work place. You’ll notice either or them if depending on the aftermath of this dream if your life turns good or bad.

4.Eating in your dream shows that you’re in dire need of something and you’re trying so hard to get it despite the amount of effort spent into it and not achieving this aim.

It also shows that you’re closer to achieving it and with a little help and determination you’ll get to your desired goal and aspirations.

5.Being chased in your dream could only mean an attack on your life,career,education or marriage by your enemies or principalities and powers who seek to make your life stagnant for their own selfish reasons.

Mostly the best way to confront these dreams are for you to pray with salt and oil at quite hours tasking the angels to fight on your behalf and causing your enemies works to be put to shame.

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