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On This Day In History Around The World

History teaches us a lot of things and it is important to revisit certain past happenings in order to assess our growth and also learn from them. On this day the 22nd of May, so many things happened around the world; let's go back memory lane.

May 22nd 1960: The Great Chilean Earthquake occurred and according to estimates, between 2230 and 6000 people were killed. It was one of the worst days in mankind

May 22nd 2012 :The world's tallest tower is opened to the public. The Tokyo Skytree in Japan's capital city at 643 meters (2080 feet) was opened to the public with the prime purpose of relaying TV and radio signals.

May 22nd 2010 : The worst air crash kills 158 people. The Boeing 737 plane from India overshot the runway, fell over a cliff and burst into flames.

May 22nd 1957: South Africa's predominantly white government approves race separation in universities. Many thought freedom impossible as even the literates were being oppressed.

May 22nd 1990: Microsoft launches Windows 3.0. How far we have come in technology in the span of 31 years

May 22nd 1996: Juventus beats Ajax (1-1, 4-2 on penalties) during the 4th UEFA Championships League Finals in Rome. Times and circumstances really change, you can never tell

History is a beautiful thing, don't let it go. Please like, share and subscribe. Thank you.

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