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Check out the 6 trillionaire history

You may have heard millions and billions quite often. Have you thought about trillions? Becoming a trillionaire is no easy job. Having this much money is equivalent to unbelievable amount of wealth. A trillion is such a huge number followed by twelve zeros. That is one thousand times a billion.

As of today, there are no trillionaires who live on earth. Such extreme wealth we dont see in our lifetime. Believe it or not it is an unbelievable wealth. In the past Kings had that much wealth. Most of these wealth came from earth’s resources rich in minerals, the riches in earth is only declining as years pass by.

Today’s billionaires own only a fraction of wealth when compared to trillion and many are already old. It would take another century to produce a trillionaire and another thousand years to produce a quadrillionaire (1000 times a trillionaire)

These are the only 6 trillionaires who lived on earth from history who reached the pinnacle of wealth.

1. Genghis Khan

He was born in the year 1206 and he died in the year 1227. His estimated wealth was $100+ trillion. He was the king of the mongol empire.

2. Zhao Xu

He was born on in the year 1048 and he died in the year 1048. He was the  Emperor  Shenzong of song in China. His estimated wealth was $30 trillion

3. Akbar, The Great

He was born in the year of 1542 and he died in the year of 1605. He was the Emperor of India's Mughal dynasty. His estimated was $21 trillion.

4. Amenhotep III

He was born in the year 1388 BC and he died in the year 1351 BC .He was the pharaoh of Egypt.His estimated wealth was $4-6 trillion.

5. Augustus Caesar

He was born in 63BC-14AD. His the king of the Roman emperor. His estimated wealth was $4.6 trillion

6. King Solomon

He was the king of Isreal .He lived from 970-931 BCE. His estimated wealth was $2.2 trillion

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