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Let's talk about AkuaBa (Akua's child). An Akan symbol of favor and luck.

Now the story behind...

In ancient Akan, a woman who married for long but had no child visited a Fetish Priest (Ɔkomfo) for help.

After consultation with the Deities and Ancestors (Nananom Abosomfo na Ɛwuakɔrfo) a solution was given.

She was given a female doll with round head, and various nice body parts which signifies the beauty of Akan women.

The woman was told to take good care of the doll and do for the doll whatever she will do for her own daughter.

This woman will bath, apply powder and pomade on the doll, put the doll around her breast as if she is breastfeeding a child.

She took very good care of the doll. Neighbors who saw the woman and her doll began to call the doll AkuaBa (Akua's child) since the woman's name was Akua.

By the grace of Nananom Abosomfo and Ɛwuakɔrfo, sooner than a year the woman gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Akan women of those day who had difficulties with given birth follow same principle to gain favor from Nananom Abosomfo and Ɛwuakɔrfo.

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