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The Ghanaian Tribe That Migrated From Bono Manso 800 Years Ago To Cote D'Ivoire And Still Speak Bono

Some Ancestors of 'Nzima' And 'Akye' Migrated From Bono Manso To Côte d'lvoire

The Adjomolo, ancestors of the N'zima and the Akyé of Anyama were part of the Akan group who migrated from Bono Manso, the capital of medieval Bonoman to the coast around the 13th century. 

During this period, sections of Akan people massively left Bono Manso to the coast. Notably were Borbor Fante, Ahanta, Adjomolo etc. Eva Lewin Richter Meyerowitz placed the foundation of Bono Manso in 13th century however archaeological evidence suggests it was founded earlier than that.

The Akyé of Anyama, a suburb of Abidjan, claim that their ancestors were Adjomolo. The Adjomolo were part of the 7 families of Bono Manso before the migration to southern Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.

The Abissa festival confirms the thesis of the 7 families who lived in Bono Manso (Techiman) in the central east of Ghana. 

Editor: Nanan Angama Achmy

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