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I Am So Lonely And Depressed Of Being Single - Beautiful Lady Cries

Dan Yaboo|

Sometimes, a lot of people Goes beyond the trials to embed more Tragedy on their lives, as if tomorrow is promised.

There are still many people who taught, relationship is a title, just because of the way they see themselves or looks like.

Most probably, they think they are too Beautiful or handsome to be alone or single. So they deserve a certain stage of life,

And when they did not get what they actually want to achieve, then that's when loneliness and depression start to kick in, and everything seems to be unbalanced and hard.

However, everyone could understand and explain the kind of depression this lady by name Shazzy Vee is in now when she Tweeted ; it seems nobody want yellow bones anymore, I am so Lonely and depressed of being Single.

These is obviously bothering her if not she wouldn't have Tweeted about it.

Its something on her heart that she can't let go.

This kind that cannot live with the fact that they are single and because of that, they become depressed, and see life as a tournament and a hard one as well.

If you are interested in her, comment below and identify yourself, you might be the lucky one.

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Content created and supplied by: DanYaboo (via Opera News )

Dan Yaboo|


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