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What does the British means by these words? How do Ghanaians use them. Learn your English well.

When it comes to the English language, there are a few expressions that we frequently use and misinterpret. The language is a relic of our colonial masters, i.e. the British. This indicates that we are not the creators of a number of phrases and idiomatic terms that we use on a regular basis in our interactions.

Going through the dictionaries, I came across some common phrases that we use in discussions, but their true understanding differs significantly from what the British mean by those same words.

What does it mean to you when someone says "very interesting" to you in a conversation? You might suppose he or she means "satisfactory," but that's not the case. This term, on the other hand, implies that the ideal is truly meaningless. The list goes on and on, with various frequent idioms all implying diverse meanings.

Learn the true meaning of these idiomatic expressions and how to utilize them in your speech by looking through the list below. Also, familiarize yourself with their meanings so that you can decode what people are saying when they use them in response to your statement.

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