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Funny Picture: Some Tailors Deserve This Pressure.

One of the most annoying things ever to experience in Ghana comes from tailors. You buy your cloth piece, take it to a tailor, he takes details of your measurements and fixes a time for you to come for the finished product. In some situations, you have no option than to make a down payment, all in the bid that you will get your cloth by the scheduled date. But what is often seen?

As to whether it is a strategy or something all tailors and their female counterparts picked up during their training days, hardly would one return to their tailor on the said date and find their job fully completed. It is only on a few occasions that one gets their job done and ready.

The situation becomes even dire when the clothes were intended for a very important occasion and the time is almost due, only to find out the work is either not done or partially completed even though the scheduled time is up or even elapsed.

The only way is to mount pressure on them till the job is done. The gentleman in the picture has obviously been disappointed by his tailor hence his funny approach.

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