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Strange: Here Is The Tree That Turns Into A Human At Night

Authorities traced the ethnic group's history and indicated that the tree was discovered in its current location by their forefathers. The tree, they claimed, would have guided them home after the war. His name is Mpeni Kofi. It has a white cloth covering. We don't think of it as a tree, but rather as a particular being who protects and leads us. It's a signal for us to pay attention to. We used this tree as a landmark to come home when we went to battle. When our forefathers arrived three thousand years ago, they saw it and it was significant to them; it is a generational worship.

It is, after all, a tree, but it is a human tree. It's 300 years old, but its roots are still intact, and its leaves are as fresh as they've ever been. This demigod is incredibly important to the people of Akuapem and is located in the centre of Akropong. Mpeni Kofi, as it is known, is claimed to have directed and protected the inhabitants of Akuapem for ages, and is covered on its underside with a white cloth. This tree, according to local officials, has a human aspect.

We continue to revere him to this day. According to stories, this tree has served as a protector for the Akuapems, particularly in Akropong Township, over time. We believe he works as a security guard as well. It goes around town every time we sleep. He grows into a very tall man who guards us.

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Mpeni Kofi


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