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Do you remember this boy who became popular in 2016. Check how his grown into charming young boy.

Life indeed has its ups and downs one can become famous within a wrinkle of an eye. There is this popular meme which has been circulating on social media about a child who was seriously writing and the expression on his face got a lot of people wandering what he is actually writing.

This photo became viral in the year 2016 when he was 4 years old. He is called Jake from Ghana.

It all started in 2015 when a young man called Adufah who studies Arts visited a local primary school to take pictures for his project in Ghana. Luckily it was the same school that this 4 year-old Jake attends.

As Adufah was sharing his experience with the children and encouraging them, Adufah's friend was also taking pictures of the children who were drawing and colouring. After the whole interaction they went back not knowing one of the pictures they took will be popular.

After Adufah got back to the USA, he posted as many pictures of himself and the children having a good time.

Within some few moments, Adufah started getting so many comments on one particular photo, it was Jake's Photo with a serious look on his face and passionately holding his pencil. This photo started trending, which generated a lot meme and funny jokes online.

See his recent pictures

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