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Literature Poetry

Interesting tips on how to write a poem

Welcome to another article of mine. Have you clicked on the follow button yet? Kindly do so, so you can be updated anytime I post. Today’s post is based on something new, concerning poetry. Most people love poetry and think only poets can play with words. We all can play with words, depending on the level of concentration and determination, at the end it would all be worth it. 

Interested with learning how to write poems, this is for you. Let’s see if you would be able to get something amazing down. It is not necessary if it doesn’t rhyme. Play with words but it should have meaning. 

FIRST TIP: Focus on your surroundings

Our surroundings also count when writing a poem. It can both be quiet or noisy, either way you can still make something out of the environment. Imagine yourself in a quiet environment. You can pen down something like:

There is no one in sight

It makes my day really bright

For I love a quiet place

And the peace I would fully embrace…….

Now let’s have a look at a noisy environment:

There is noise here and there

There is too much to bear

People chattering and cars honking…….

SECOND TIP: Focus on your feelings

Depending on your emotion such as happiness, sadness, anger and frustration, you can always make a poem out of it. Try something like:

Pride and arrogance lead to nowhere

Have courage instead of fear

Let love lead and persevere……

Here, I mixed numerous of emotions into one.

Thank you for scrolling. Try it out and let’s see how it goes.

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