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Why we should stop greediness and be good to everyone in our lives no matter what it takes

When people that are greedy and selfish, they rarely see themselves as such. However, the universe does universe does not work that way. We must give before we can get. We pay a cashier when we purchase something before we take it home. Sometimes people give us things for free. When that happens and there is purchase we should give back sincerely with no expectations. The more you give without wanting something in teturn, the more you will get back.

Being this way not only makes you miserable to be around but more importantly it steals your joy. You may say no way I get what I want. You may get the material things you want and maybe even a relationship short term but the you will never be satisfied and will become bitter over time. When you feel you always have to keep what you have and never share you rob yourself of one of life’s greatest gifts. Giving. I myself get so excited about giving someone something you would think I was the one on the receiving end. I truly derive joy from seeing another person experience happiness. I believe if people were generous more often they may begin to understand where I am coming from. It doesn’t have to be material items but could be just the gift of your time to someone. This is one of our most precious commodities because we never know when our time runs out. To be greedy and selfish is really more harmful to you than anyone else. You shut yourself out from the act of kindness and instead hold close the things that really don’t matter.

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