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Sight and Sounds at This Year's 'Chale Wote' Festival.

'Chale Wote' Festival is an alternative platform that helps people to showcase their talents such as art, music, dance and so on. This year marks the tenth (10th) edition of the festival and it's purpose is to build relationships between scores of artists and patrons by creating and also appreciating art together.

The 2021 'Chale Wote' Festival has kick started in Accra with participants showcasing some interesting art works and Ghanaian cultural practices. Due to the pandemic, Street boxing has been omitted from this year's 'Chale Wote' Festival and the reason is to avoid large gatherings to prevent the spread of the virus.


An artwork is an aesthetic physical element or artistic creation such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, collages and so on. Ghanaians have adopted and developed interests in art to the extend that, some of them are being paid for their good works. This year, they painted the walls of Jamestown with a lot of interesting and nice arts. The walls of Jamestown are now glittering and has made the environment beautiful.

Cultural Practices.

This year, Ghanaians shared values and ideals of their culture. People cherish their culture and whenever they are being given opportunity to demonstrate it, they make it lively for others to develop interest in it. This year’s festival, a lot of people demonstrated and performed their culture which is mostly music and dance. Others also dressed culturally to showcase the style of dressing in their culture.

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