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Literature Poetry

WALK AGAIN ( A Poem of Hope)

Under the moonlight I hide myself;

Staring at feet from every angle making moves.

Akonto has done me evil; my shoulders are sored, my tender arms are wailing for help.

My legs; feeble.

I am dying on the inside.

Something has happened to me

The things so great that I cannot weep;

My people, I have been somewhere

If you see Akonto

Tell him he hasn't dealt well with me;

My great household is no more.

Leave me here under the moonlight to grief my loss.

In the noonday,

I shall see the sun

She shall come to visit me,

I shall stand on my feet; restore my household,

And repair the broken fence.

I shall look regal, and walk down the street with pride,

And sit at the gate with great men.

I shall climb the Iroko and bring down its leaves to heal me.

I shall eat the bread of the land I ploughed.

I shall sing and make merry again.

I shall stand up to Akonto!

Akonto in this poem represents life.

This poem is basically about a man who unforeseen circumstances of life had laid hold on everything he ever owned but while in his grief dares to rise up and face life!

Content created and supplied by: Appenkroh (via Opera News )

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