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"A Picture With A Thousand Words" - Reactions As This Photo Surfaces Online

The history of the slave trade in the early 1990s across Africa was a horrible experience. Ghana was not left out of this tragedy as human beings were forced, beaten and maltreated. History made us understand that most Africans being indigenous citizens of European countries now are descendants of their forefathers who were either sold or forced into the slave trade.

There were some parents who willingly sold their children in exchange for foreign goods like alcoholic beverages, weapons, among others. Some of these people who were sold were raped, maltreated, and beaten. Those who were able to survive these tortures and get to the final destination are then sold into all kinds of horrific slavery jobs.

The picture above shows a sculpture of a slavery woman with a little girl standing in front of the sculpture. Children are very curious and she is probably thinking about why the woman was in heavy chains all over her body. This picture portrays the agony, pain, distress, and inhuman treatment that the Whiteman made some Africans go through in the olden days.

The slaves were almost dressed naked, nothing proper to cover nakedness because they considered them as 'animals'. In fact, this image is "A Picture With A Thousand Words" because we can say what we were told but as for what actually happens at that time, we have no idea. Pictures like this always saddened many Africans of how their forefathers were treated by the Whitemen.

Check out reactions from some Ghanaians after coming across this sculpture:

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