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How I turn my love for Reading Into Writing For Opera & Which Help Me To Earn Money On The Platform

 Before I join the opera mini platform four months ago, I usually wonder how these bloggers were able to upload the words and together with their pictures on the website.

 I always believe that this has to be one of the most difficult professions in the world. But since I joined the opera mini family four months ago, my eyes were open to many things that have me change the way I see things and which one of these is that when you don't know something you might think it is difficult but when you learn it you will find it easy. 

Normally, I was a person I always love to reading, this is hobby right from when I was eight year's old, it calls started from all those storybooks we all read when we are young then it maturated to reading all those big books, newspapers, magazines, then the Internet happened where you have access to digesting a lot of information without lifting a finger or having to pay a dine and all this exposure to a wide range of information has developed me. It has made me e able to communicate very well in any given discussion which is not even my specific profession. All this was what I feasted on and decided yes I can and here I am a living testimony to that.

The information they say is power, I was empowered by all those words and it made me a superman and if I can you also can become a superhero too except you don't want to, it's a choice. And though one had to be hardworking if one wants to thrive on the platform due to the fact the platform frowned against plagiarism content and which is certainly a wrong thing to do because stealing another person's ideas is against the law of the universe. So one thing one needs to do as a writer on the platform is to be creative and put in some hardworking into it and you will fill things easy on the platform.

So my advice to all my readers is that if I could turn my love for reading into writing and use it as a means of you too can do it also, just look at what you enjoyed and put all your efforts into it and you will discover that there is better than earning money from what you enjoy doing.

Let hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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