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He Walked In The Rain And Didn't Get Wet? - Ten Wonders Performed By Okomfo Anokye

The Greek gods and the pagan gods are celebrated up to date, the likes of Zeus and Odin are historic figures even today.

They are not entirely discarded by the white man and there have been instances where the head of the Vatican has visited sacred places of these gods.

If you are a movie freak, you will come across some of the wonderful legends and great historical data made into movies to tell the incredible stories of some of these gods and men who had supernatural abilities in the past.

The white man is very appreciative of history and understands its benefits thereof, a group who knows not its history will lose its identity.

They value the achievements of their ancestors in the past and have built upon them using their history as inspiration.

However, it's an opposite case for Africans and especially Ghanaians because they had one of the best magical historic figures but they deem him as evil but celebrate foreign legends of the same caliber as their own. 

 In 2005, a columnist for Ghanaweb Kofi Ellison had this to say about Africans and their negligence and demonization of their history emphasizing on the Great Priest, Okomfo Anokye ;

"Upon reflection, it is sad that of late some of our misguided Ghanaian Christian pastors and similarly misguiding people, have taken to deriding the personality and achievements of Okomfo Anokye as idolatry and anathema.

It's the colonization of the African mind. In every corner of the globe, people respect their culture and tradition despite the so-called modernity.

Other cultures still regard similar feats as the gospel truth.

To wit; Moses received the ten commandments from heaven and it resulted in Judaism, a virgin of Jesus Christ resulted in Christianity; Mohammed's vision led to Islam; think about Buddha and Buddhism or Hinduism and its prophets; in the United States Joseph Smith had a vision in the 1820s and that led to the birth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Mormons. Examples are legion.

Africans tend to undermine and disrespect their own culture while hanging on to the truth received ideas from foreign lands.

Have you ever heard a White Christian Pastor condemning Julius Caesar or any of the Roman and Greek gods? Rather, the collapse temples of the Greek and Roman idolatry are promoted as National Treasures and visited by Popes, Cardinals, Pastors, and countless tourists.

Is it impossible to be an African Christian and still have respect for your culture, heritage, and tradition?

Okomfo Anokye never met any Christian missionary white or black. He accomplished his task with his God-given talents. In the least, we must revere him, and in so doing show respect to ourselves and our customs and traditions."

Since we have gotten this out of the way, let's take a trip back to some of the wonders of Okomfo Anokye;

- The Golden Stool

Okomfo Anokye commanded the Golden Stool from the skies.

- The Untouchable Sword

He stuck a sword to the ground and no one has been able to remove it to date.

 - Invented Oware

Legend has it that, he carved holes in rocks with his bare hands to invent the local game Oware which can still be seen at Awukugua?

 - Even Rain Couldn't Make Him Wet.


Did you know that Okomfo Anokye could walk through rain without getting wet?

 - The Popular Plantain Miracle.


Right in front of a big crowd, Komfo Anokye cooked a plantain, planted it and it immediately germinated, grew, ripened, and was harvested.

 - Commanding Rain To Stop


Legends has it that he once commanded the rain to stop during a festival.

 - Teleportation

One night when he accompanied his parents to the farm, it started raining. it is rumored that Okomfo Anokye briefly entered the forest and came back a while later having collected some leaves. He gave his parents the leaves and instructed them to shut their eyes. When they finally open their eyes they miraculously find themselves in their house. 

 - The Insane Palm Wine Miracle

He produced palm wine for his people in case of shortage. It is rumored that Okomfo Anokye would help people get more palm wine by climbing a palm tree and making palm wine flow through one of the branches of the palm tree.

 - Drained water out of a stream

He drained the Agyempansu stream in Kumasi, brought it back, and named it Suben, which is still flowing to date.

 - The Magical Palm Tree

Okomfo Anokye once poured the dregs of palm-wine on to the ground and immediately there grew an oil-palm tree. It is alleged that the oil-palm tree stands now near the main street at Awukugua by his shrine “Obuabeduru“. It is harvested yearly and the fruit distributed to the seven Stool holders, known as Adadifo, and the Chief of the town. He then used his own wooden sandals (Nkronnua) to climb up that oil-palm tree and left some imprints of his feet on the trunk. These are still visible on the tree at Awukugua.

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