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Know The Meanings Of These Ghanaian Adinkra Symbols(pictures)

Culture as it is say to be the greatest prestigious entity of every nation has put much effort in the believes of the people of Ghana.

Though the people of this country never look down unto their individual religion, the hold it to higher esteem but the never put aside to the believes and the customs of this land culture.

The norms and beliefs within culture helps us to be govern by traditions of this country hence it is something that has handed down from generations to generations by ancestors.

Ghana believes most of our culture symbols especially the Adinkra symbol. Because of the of the meanings of these symbols helps us to be guided and also learns a moral lessons.

Below are some Ghanaian Adinkra symbols and meanings

"Sankofa" this is a symbol that tells an individual to learn well from the past and depict what is important to carry on life

"tumi te se Kosua" meaning power is like an egg. That is in life nothing last forever so whatever one carries in life, one should hold it else when uses misses it, you can never get it back

"sesa wo suban" meaning change your attitude. That is when you have a bad attitude that causes everyone to talk about you, then you must change.

"Kete pa" meaning a good mat. That is in life, when one get a good marriage, one sleeps on a good bed.

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Adinkra Adinkra Symbols( Ghana Ghanaian Kosua


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