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“Please feel free to crush on me because I’m single” – Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe speaks

Most men find it difficult to approach women who are well known for their unique art. This is because their appearance, specifically their “flawless” body will demotivate you to crush on them.  

Today, March 29, 2021 Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe popularly known in the creative arts industry as Sheena Gakpe, has released a glamourous picture on Facebook. 

According to her, she is still single despite the media hype and curvaceous figure. 

Therefore, any interested person can have unrequited love for her irrespective of your appearance, money, education, wealth and occupation.

However, she asserted in her post that she is not zealously looking or searching for someone to spend her life with. 

Moreover, she touted herself as a strong woman who is determined to achieve her objectives in life despite the challenges that will come on her way. 

She wrote that 

“I'm a strong woman and genuinely determined. Oh I'm highly favoured too. 

Please feel free to crush on my cox I'm single, not searching though and l Know Jesus got my back”

She wrote this on her Facebook page today. 

Sheena Gakpe is one of the voluptuous actresses, models and brand influencers in Ghana. 

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Sheena Dzigbordi Gakpe


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