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The Shortest River In The World Which Is 61 Meters Long

A river is a ribbon-shaped stream of water that flows downhill due to gravity's influence. A river might be vast and deep, or it can be shallow enough to wade across. A stream, creek, or brook is a flowing body of water that is smaller than a river. Some rivers run all year, while others flow just during certain seasons or after particularly heavy rain.

Although rivers are known for their long, meandering courses, not all rivers are the same length. Between Giant Springs and the Missouri River, the Roe River flows for only 201 feet (61 meters).

In 1989, the Roe River was designated the world's shortest river. The 440-foot-long (134-meter-long) D River in Lincoln City, Oregon has previously held the title.

The river's headwaters are in the Princess May Ranges of the Prince Regent National Park, and it flows northwest, into Prince Frederick Harbour in York Sound, and eventually into the Indian Ocean. Many pieces of old indigenous art known as Bradshaw paintings may be seen along the cliff walls of the river's permanent pools, notably Paradise Pool.

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