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The Genesis Of Keta People After Sea Erosion Has Gone Wrong. Think About The Keta School [KETASCO].

According to Justine Yawa Agbemave, from time immemorial, the sea only comes by to enter the buildings at night but today, something different all together happened. The sea managed to break doors, buildings and even took off the roofing on top of the buildings. She came back to pack her belongings in their house in Keta when she has been interviewed by citi fm. She claimed, about two weeks ago, she was not having a good feeling about the way the sea works.

Likewise, she added that, if she remains there, she will only get high blood pressure. Asides, the sea has actually expanded to the extent that, the people have to move backwards. Now there is no place to go because, the Keta town lies between the sea and the river. The people cannot move backwards any longer, so they moved to Agorkedzi. Some of them left the Keta town to settle at Anloga, Adina, Aflao, Denu and even at places out of Ketu South.

Reaching Agorkedzi, Yawa Agbemave stated that, it is in Agorkedzi that her parents built for her and for that reason, since she cannot survive in Keta, she has no other option other than come to stay home. Taking a look at the building, it was made of coconut branches though, but it is still strong to settle in.

In a research I made in 2018, in the coming 60 years, the whole of Keta will be taken over by the sea and from that very day, I also advise myself against building in Keta. And today, it seemed I just took the right decision. Now the problem is, those it means Keta Senior High School will be relocating? It is known in the history of Keta Senior High School, popularly known as "Dzolali" that, the current location of the school was not where it started from. But due to an increase in the number of students, the school has been moved to a new location which they maintained till today.

Looking at the distance to which the school is from the sea, it might happen that the sea might not be able to collapse it now but in the near future, just as it has destroyed Yawa Agbemave and her family's building. I therefore want all of us to think outside the box to provide information about how we can save the lives of all residents in Keta and the schools more importantly.

But should it be that it is in the will of God to destroy Keta with the sea, then all the government must do is to build new homes in other parts of Ghana to enable them get a place to stay since they all have relatives in other parts of the Country. Since two good heads are better than one, I would like to see your comments coming down in the comments' section, while you share and click on the follow button.

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