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Five Photos Which Were Taken Moments Before Disaster

There are moments in life that are so unique that they must be captured at all costs through the lens of a camera; among these moments, those which reach the most absurd and the most incredible heights, there are undoubtedly those fleeting moments, which last only a few seconds, which occur an instant before an announced catastrophe . It is very difficult to take a decent shot of those "funeral" seconds, but for the lucky few who managed to do so, we dedicate this long series of shots that were captured by the camera lens a second before something ironically irreparable happened.

After all, as they say, you always have to seize the moment. Many of these photographs are the ones that best captured absurd moments, perhaps in the right place at the right time. We've rounded up photos so absurd for you that they were taken exactly a moment before disaster struck, but always with a fair amount of irony. Photography is obscenity par excellence, a furtive act of love, a story, a novel in the first person. When you use a camera, not as a machine, but as an extension of your heart, you become one with your subject. Photography is one of the most universal languages there is, and you don't have to speak.

There are times you wouldn't want to continue. Because we can easily imagine what will happen. These moments sometimes have the chance to be photographed. And then, the catastrophe occurs. The drama, the moment when the situation will change drastically. You know, that moment when you eat your ice cream, before someone is going to push you in the back a second later. Life is sometimes played out in a fraction of a second.

1. Glide

This sheep literally ejected this poor child who wanted to have a little fun.

2. Bam

We wouldn't want to be this girl: we're sure that bullet right in the face really hurt.

3. Poor little thing

We didn't even have time to warn him against the patch of ice that he was already precariously balanced.

4. Poor little girl

Everyone around her seems so happy and carefree except the little one who is about to have an epic fall from the swing.

5. Look at this perfect timing

If it hadn't been for this very responsive daddy's foot who knows what would have happened to this child on the bike.

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