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Can you eat these foods on these Sculptures?

The beauty of these sculptures raises worth of praises to the sculptor for very hard work done. It would be a great pleasure for the youth of today to engage in the making of sculpture.

The maker of these sculptures may have the main motive behind these sculptures and a particular function for it and as a maker, you can make something out of how you felt and your mood at that particular time but when it is been sold out it now depends on the buyer to decide on how he/she will use it.

The sculptures as we see and be used a chair for relaxation and some too can decide to use it as a decorative purpose, people can also use it as a table for eating.

It will be very appetising for restaurants and beer bars to use these sculptures as it will attract customers.

But the question is how would you feel when eating on these sculptures when used as a table particularly when served with Fufu.

How it the mood be like, or will you feel a little sentiment when eating on it

Can you eat these foods on these Sculptures?

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