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Are You The First Born Of Your Parents? Say This Prayer To Break Free From Satanic Entanglement

Genesis 49:3-4 says "Reuben, thou art my first born, my might and the beginning of my strength, the excellence of dignity, and the excellence of power, unstable as water, thou shall not excel..."

The place, blessings, glory and destiny of the first born has been under the attacks and manipulations of the wicked one from time. From families, communities and nation's, you find the first born struggling to survive. This is made possible as a result of foundational wickedness, personal errors and sins, ignorance, the activities of witches and wizards etc.

I decree and declare that every first born shall rule in the midst of his enemies.

Prayer Points

#1. Lord, I give You praise for Your mighty acts in my life.

#2. I worship You Lord for Your excellent greatness. Sing any worship song and songs of praise to the Lord.

#3. Lord, conform me with Your mercy today in Jesus mighty name and forgive me of all my sins.

#4. Holy Spirit, by fire, break the share of the fowler and help my soul to escape the evil day in Jesus name.

#5. Lord, prepare Your blood and let it pursue and swallow them that are out to shed my blood

#6. I receive the blessings of the first born now in Jesus name. Say this prayer seven times.

#7. I declare and decree that there's a lifting up for me into my place and position in life.

#8. The first born must rule, I have suffered enough; now Lord, make me perfect.

#9. The first born must rule, open doors of prosperity and advance my life.

#10. Thank You Lord for an answered prayer.

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