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Check Out The Most Beautiful Cemeteries In The World And The Famous People Buried In Them

Check Out The Most Beautiful Cemeteries In The World And Famous People Buried In Them

Death is a very sudden and saddening event which everyone experiences at a point of his or her life. Throughout the world’s great history, there have been more deaths than we can count. All of these deaths leave an imprint on the living and so the places where those people are buried in a way are scary and not appealing to the living. This article may change your opinions of cemeteries and let you know that some of them are not just places of grief and mourning but of great attraction and knowledge. Here are some of the most beautiful and impressive cemeteries in the world.

1. The Waverley Cemetery In Sydney, Australia

The fascinating cemetery was stablished on the Bronte cliffs and overlooks the ocean. It has even featured in Hollywood movie The Grate Gatsby'. It had it's opening in 1877 and some of the most famous people in history have been buried here.

Apart from the great views of the ocean, visitors can also explore some fine examples of stonemasonry of the 19th and 20th centuries.

2. The Magnificent Seven In London, UK

Here, there are seven huge burial sites established in the 19th century. A lot of notable people are buried in this place, while it serves as a semi-public park and a Local Nature Reserve for the people around. Besides the classic Christian Gothicy style one can find traits of Egyptian Revival, popular in the 19th century.

Most people go there to learn the sumptuous history of architecture which is very prominent in the mausoleums, statues, chapels and graves. It is a cemetery but is very beautiful.

3. The Père-Lachaise Of Paris, France

People refer to it as the most famous cemetery in the world. It was established in 1804 and it provides the eternal resting place for many great philosophers, writers, musicians, politicians and others, including Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Gioachino Rossini, Georges Bizet, Jean-François Lyotard, Marie Trintignant, Amedeo Modigliani and so many more.

It has existed for over 3 centuries.

4. Green-Wood Cemetery In Brooklyn, New York City, USA

Like everything and everyplace in New York it is spectacular. The great cemetery is holy and you can feel it. Many respectable people rest here, Like most cemeteries, New Yorkers stroll around ten park like place sometimes. The cemetery consists of Gothic Revival gates, beautiful plants, statues recreating Biblical scenes and glacial ponds which create a calming effect on whoever goes there.

It is a unique place which overlooks the tall New York’s skyline, provides a unique opportunity to find some genuine history in the futuristic city.

5. The Great Mount Auburn Of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

This particular cemetery was founded in 1831 and looks like something you would see in a movie. A lot of big authors, scientists, statesmen and artists are resting in peace there under old oak as well as maple trees. The great Bigelow Chapel built in the 1840s also amounts to the unique appearance of the place. In autumn, the cemetery is famous for the colorful foliage, which alone attracts visitors to admire the mesmerizing views.

6. The Merry Cemetery Of Maramures, Romania

This particular cemetery is one of the most unusual ones around. It is known for the colorful tombstones with paintings on them which makes it look like a cartoon version of a cemetery. Actually those pictures recreate the scenes from the lives of people who are buried there. The cemetery has already become a national tourist attraction, providing an insight to the Romanian culture and traditions.

7. Xoxocotlan In Oaxaca, Mexico

If you've watched the Coco animation which is all about the land of the dead, then you're about to know the details. The cemetery above portrays the special bond that exists between the living and the dead in Mexico. Human population indeed experiences brutality and terrifying numbers of murder every day. There one can find the deep rooted traditions of mourning. A visit there will make you see thousands of flowers, candles and people remembering the dead sometimes even with the guitars and songs just like in the Coco animated movie.

They celebrate the Day of the Dead on October 31 and it's the most impressive thing, which engages people as they participate in what almost seems like a carnival.

8. The Old Jewish Cemetery Of Prague, The Czech Republic

You can find over 12000 tombstones protrude on the ground of the old cemetery that date back to the 15th century. Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel of Prague is buried here with a majestic lion on his tomb. The rabbi is known for creating the Golem of clay, which was supposed to protect Prague’s Jewish community.

It is a very old, authentic and historic place to visit in the capital. It feels as time travel, since there is no trace of modern urban technologies and tranquility ensures peace of the dead.

9. La Recoleta Cemetery Of Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Recoleta is one of the most famous cemeteries in Latin America. It is the resting place of notorious and famous people like Eva Perón, presidents of the country, Nobel Prize winners, Admiral William Brown – the founder of the Argentine Navy – and a granddaughter of Napoleon. It also features very impressive tombs, mausoleums, statues and memorials.

The burial site features an impressive number of 4691 graves. Also one can explore a variety of architectural styles here from Art Deco, Art Nouveau to Baroque and Neo-Gothic.

10. Aoyama Cemetery In Tokyo, Japan.

It is the most popular Japanse popular cemetery and it is famous for its cherry blossom trees. Every year in spring it attracts thousands of visitors, who can enjoy a nice walk and admire beautiful sakuras. Various notable people rest here such as samurais, statesmen, politicians, generals to journalists, writers and artists.

Which one looks most beautiful????

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