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Meet the talented 85 years old south Africa woman who decorates houses and cars

Esther Mahlangu was born in 1935 on a Farm land in Middleburg, which is now the Mpumalanga province.

The 85 year old decorates cars and houses in a magnificent way. She is good in painting, in Large Scale portraits and presents the old contemporary south Africa culture.

Esther is a woman of many names, People in her community call her with so many titles “Dr. Mahlangu, Mam Esther, Esther Mahlangu, Gogo, Mother, Daughter of Africa,”

Esther was recognized by the University of Johannesburg, with her decoration and painting works on 9 April 2018.

She paints bold, authentic canvases inspired by the pattern and palettes of Ndebele house painting and beadwork. Mahlangu's pioneering use of the crafts of her Ndebele people of south-eastern Africa has brought her great success on the world's art markets. She is globally accepted for her beautiful and bold abstract paintings that are inspired by Ndebele design.

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