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Stop Making Our Beautiful Culture And Tradition Look Barbaric- Ghanaians To Joy News

Culture is said to be a way of life of a giving people who believe in one thing in both spiritual and physical at a particular area. Many are trying to find ways to maintain the culture and tradition noms that has been left behind for them but modern life style is changing things quickly. Some people in Ghana believe that if women menstruate, they should stay in the house and let their husband help them.

Today, Joy News has stated that "With today being a Tuesday, women and girls cannot cross the River Offin because of a taboo. Also, girls cannot cross the river when they are menstruating" and added that, "this old discriminatory tradition is hampering girl child education and limiting social economic activities of females". After that they questioned that "what are your thoughts on this issue but Ghanaians are saying that Joy News is rather trying to destroy the beautiful culture tradition that holds the people together.

Some people reacted that what the laws impose on the people is not a social discrimination for it is also the traditional way of allowing women some space and opportunity to rest whilst the men go down the stream to fetch them the water they have been fetching for the men the whole weeks.

Some people said when women menstruates, they are privileged to stay home whilst their husbands fetch them water from the stream. So Joy News should kindly stop making their "beautiful culture and tradition look barbaric".

Some people told Joy News that the government should build school at the other side of the river as they believe that ladies and women need some rest for that is why this culture was in place.

"What is discrimination about this? That is our culture and believes as a people. So we should believe and do everything in the Bible and Quran yet we despise our own. Yet with all these we do the worst thing to our neighbors" another Ghanaian told Joy News team which asked the question on behalf of the media house.

"When such traditions were upheld, our water bodies were clean. Though I don't subscribe to the spirituality of such practices, their social impact were evident" someone reacted.

Ghanaians however is informing that government should respect the culture and tradition of the societies and make sure they expand educational facilities into those areas where these practice are still ongoing for all Ghanaians to benefit from equal education and life style despite observing the African culture.

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