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5 Book's that will make you think faster and shower for your life hack (photos)

5.Middilesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

This book is going to make you questionst traditionIs it really a good idea to go with the norms of society based on gender, sexuality, and others? The story is about a hermaphrodite, and his struggle to face the daily challenges and find his own identity in the world. This book is far from its age, as people go through similar traditional chaos.

4.The sandman series by Neii Gaiman

There's no emotion that the series doesn't entail.from forgiveness fulfilling your dreams the book tells numerous lessons that you need to know about.

3.The Last Lecture by Randy pausch

As the name suggested itself,this nonfiction book Will move you to tears.pausch was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,and when he was told that he had only four months to live he wrote this book tell people what positivity is! he wanted to make them aware that no matter what happens you can always be to optimistic and create a positive difference in your life.

2.candide by Voltaire

Even though the book was writing in 1759, it is wrapped up with politics satire that you would be able to relate to even day. The culture it talks about seems familiar,and it tells us that no matter what generation it is, people are pretty much the same with similar kind of thought and emotions

1.outliers by Malcolm Glanwell.

I bought this randomly from a book store while I was at the airport.i thought I had to read something as it's a long way and a morning flight, but The book turned out to be more interesting than what I was expected.this book is a book which tells us that there is no "prodigy" behind success rather it is a combination of hard work and seilin the opportunities which come out our door.

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