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Some Awesome Places In Africa.

Voortrekker Monument

Next is the Voortrekker Monument, located in southern Pretoria and the entire building is made of beautiful granite. This monument was erected to commemorate the Vortrekker or the Dutch language user community who went from Cape Colony in 1835 to 1854. Not only that, this monument is also surrounded by large parks around it and certainly has an architectural blend of European and African elements.

Palace of Justice

Finally there is the Palace of Justice building located in the city center, which is right in front of Church Square, Pretoria. This building was built since 1897 by President Paul Kruger at the time, which was also designed by Sytze Wierda. Formerly this building was also used as an emergency hospital by British troops during the Second Boer War, while now it is used as a high court in South Africa.

Here it is a series of historical buildings in Pretoria, South Africa that are worth visiting, especially for those of you who like historical tourism. What do you think is the most interesting place to visit?

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