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Did You Know?-Alexander The Great, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and Genghis Khan Were All Afraid Of This

Alexander The Great, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon and Genghis Khan apart from being conquerors happen to have something in common. These figures of history were all known for marvellous and great feats, but it seems they are human after all. According to history, they all suffered from the same kind of phobia. Could you guess what it was they were scared of? Well, I bet you it's nothing you and I are so terrified of. These three all suffered from what is referred to as " Ailurophobia"_ the fear of cats. A bit strange and interesting isn't it? That those who you and I thought of as gallant and brave were actually scared of cats. It even sounds funny to me to be frank_apparently, there exists some strange reason for this. There's the belief that these creatures are endowed with certain magical abilities to detect the overweening ambitions of dictators. Makes some sense as these were all people who were thirsty for world domination at all costs. Have got more of this stuff coming your way, just remember to subscribe. See you in my next article.

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