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The Hawk and Hen Were Very Good Friends

This story had to do with a Hawk and a Hen who shared a home and were good friends. Since they both liked to play the drum, they planned to make a drum but the hen was very lazy. When the Hawk suggested that they should go to the forest to get some wood, the hen claimed it was sick. The Hawk asked for the hen’s axle and axe so he can go and cut the wood for the drum but the Hen claimed all his tools were also sick.

The Hawk got angry and went to borrow the tools from someone else and made his drum and placed it in the sun to dry. He went out and hid and saw the hen come out playing the drums singing, “Kreketesoya, kreketesoya. My friend’s little drum, because I am not well, I can’t play and play and play, kreketesoya”.


The hawk got angry with her and almost killed her and to save her own life hen promises to give one of her chicks to the hawk every time she hatches a new set of baby hens. This is why hawk has been taking hen’s chicks ever since.

Think about the symbolic profundity of this story. Check the mental picture this story creates. Check the inherent lesson, historical relevance and bearing it has on reality. Ironically, they've abandoned this logically sound and intellectually thrilling story and foist on our kinds useless, irrelevant and academically offensive reading materials.

It's unbelievable. Similar potent reading materials such as "Why the crab lost its head"..."Alidu and the Goat".... "Ata Panyin and Ata Kakra"..."The Little Black Cat" etc., have all been discarded. The relevance of these books is there for all to see, yet, we've thrown them away and replaced them with books full of errors, insults and deception. 

Bring back the old books!

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Hawk Hen Kreketesoya


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