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Checkout The List of Angels Who Rebelled Against God

There are many books in the world for different religions and their beliefs. Many might have read the holy book called “Bible” and there are a lot of questions to be asked concerning certain happenings like the Garden of Eden and the creation of mankind, Lilith being the first woman God created though not clearly emphasized in the holy books, the fall of angels, the generation of Cain and Abel and many more.

Today, we will be tackling specifically on the fallen angels, a list of their names and a brief history of Lucifer and his brothers. Falling back to history, this is what some reports and books have said about Lucifer and his brothers.

Lucifer had two other brothers namely Gabriel and Michael. Just like God being a triune being, he created his close kindred same in the form of threes, thus, Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel. Same was the formation of mankind of Body, Spirit and Soul.

Lucifer was said to be a one who could sing throughout the heavens and loved God so much but mankind being introduced into the scene gave him another thought of God shifting his love from them to a different species since they (angels) existed before man.

His other brothers respected the decisions of God and agreed to his plans to create a new revolutionary species. Talking about Lucifer, his rebellion grew to a height in his heart that, he felt God was going too far or overstepping since the features he gave to man was unique. He saw man as a species not worth deserving of this abilities since they wouldn’t be like them (the angels).

Lucifer was also said to have been in charge of one-third of the angels. Thus, the angels were shared under the authority of the three brothers. So in the fall of him, he came down from heaven with one-third of the angels.

These are the list of angels that is said to have fallen with the light bearer Lucifer, checkout these list below:

There are more than this but the list has been cut, do express your thoughts on this and let’s get talking.

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