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Trusting and having faith in God (Read more)

God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek him as the scripture says (Hebews 16:6). Trusting in God is not easy. We are often tempted to do something to change things. God knows best. You must trust Him and believe that all things work together for good.

Today I declare to you that you will see glory as you trust in God. Whatever seems to be a bad and negative situation will be reversed by the force of faith. You will see power! You will see honour! You will see glory through your faith in God and His Word!

In this life, you will encounter many different situations. Not all of them will be good. There will definitely be some bad situations. Remember always that every bad situation is reversible by faith.

It is true that Lazarus was in the grave. It is true that Lazarus had been buried for four days. It is true that his body was already decomposing and stinking in the heat underground. But Jesus declared that if Martha believed, she would see glory. ( John 11:17).

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