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Is Our Curriculum Now Recognizing The Role of Creative Arts?

It seems the Creative Arts are now being given recognition in our educational system, especially at the basic level. Curriculum developers have now realized the role and importance of arts in the society and the need to allow its teaching and learning.   

The designers and developers of the Common Core Programme curriculum for Creative Arts and Design brought together two key learning areas at the JHS level, the Visual Arts option of Basic Design and Technology (BDT) and the Music and Dance curriculum to revive the generic and symbiotic relationship that existed between these two allied subjects. It is worth noting that, the teaching and learning of the Visual Arts option of the BDT regrettably received little attention and patronage. This was as a result of unavailability of trained Visual Arts teachers at the JHS level.

The question to be asked here is that are there the qualified teachers to handle the New Creative Arts and Design subject introduced?

It was this same problem that accounted for the low numbers of BECE candidates for the BDT Visual Arts option.

The Pre-Technical Skills and Home Economics received about 95% of the BECE candidature. The case of the Music and Dance curriculum at the JHS level was even worse. The Music and Dance curriculum unfortunately remained on the shelves. It was not given any attention nor recognition because it was not examinable at the BECE. The introduction of Creative Arts and Design is therefore a restoration of the lost opportunity to many learners to identify and develop their artistic and creative potentials. It is to revive the two sister subjects and to offer the JHS learners, the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills; creative and innovative skills; communicative and collaborative skills as well as the application of the concept of design process – problem identification, definition, research, solution, testing and evaluation. 

The above clearly exposes Ghana’s bookish educational system, which has resulted in the increase of unemployment in the country. The educational system would prefer to produce just literates rather than literates with critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as creative and innovative skills.   

Content created and supplied by: Nana-Gyachie (via Opera News )

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