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Why Are Some People So Wicked?. My Mother-In-Law Was Poisoning Me. See Her Reason

Why are some men so wicked? Here is a story a woman narrated about her husband.

This lady found out that anytime she and her husband planned a family get together she always get sick. She later found out that her mother-in-law use to put something she's allergic to into her meals. Due to this she planned not to eat her mother-in-law's food again. It happened again but this time round, she and her husband bought Pizzas and took it to their rest house for a family snack. Just when so he and her husband took two slices of the pizza, they had a visitor and they all went to welcome their visitor.

She suddenly remembered she left her pizza. She went to the dinning table and changed hers with her husband's own. So after her husband took it, He got sick as she used to. She then concluded it's true her mother-in-law use to poison her. When she and her husband got home, she told her husband so he changed her food with his own due to her suspicion that his mother use to poison her. Her husband got angry and started beating her but she managed to escape and refused to return home for days. She later heard her husband was dead. And it was her mother-in-law who was responsible. Thus, her husband went to her mother-in-law's house to attack her for poisoning his wife and she shot him to death.

Upon hearing her husband's death, she decided to go and ask her mother-in-law was why she killed her own son. Her mother-in-law revealed to her that, her husband once married a woman who died when they organized a get together and decided to go on hiking. So she suspected her son of killing his wife and took a life insurance policy which involved a huge sums of money. So she is scared her husband might kill her to for his selfish gains.

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