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A man posted a picture drinking wine but people saw something else (Photo)

Hard work is never just pushing your body for more work and making it tired.

It is that intense effort of your being to reach a place or perhaps a goal or a decided destination with guarantee and timely progress from a person who is dedicated and focused to his goal with determination and complete perseverance and who remain stick to it in all thick and thin till he achieves it.

A photo of a man who returned from work relaxing in his sitting us causing reaction on social media.

It is that ability of a person’s personality which makes him different from other people.

Almost nothing is possible, without it and almost anything is possible, with it.

And nothing is achievable without it.

A picture is trending online in the picture of a man who was seen sitting in his sitting room drinking a glass cup of wine watching TV in his parlor. If you take a close look you see that the man's leg is dirty, he has not taken his shower after he returned from work.

People mocked and laughed at him, they called him dirty they say that he could have taken a shower before taking a picture, but they forgot that this man just got home from work, and he was taking a rest.

What's your opinion is this hardworking man dirty this picture was posted by his wife. Taking close look you will see the man is dirty but live in a nice house.

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