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Spiritual Meaning Of Photography In Your Dream

If you dream and see yourself in the photograph, it means that you are being monitored by the enemy. It also means that your movement is being watched by the enemy. Or perhaps someone takes a photo of you and ran away with it in your dream, it show that enemies are succeeded in using your picture for evil purposes. The symbol of a person playing with your picture is a warning sign that you are likely to experience one of your favourite virtues being stolen. You can say this world is wicked. To see yourself in a picture, it means you are trying to analyze yourself in a better way.

If your camera, photograph breaks down in the process of using it to work it is a bad omen. It signifies a bad reputation, disappointment and loss of trust. A close friend, family member or colleague will no longer believe you again. Dreaming about taking a photograph is not always a positive sign. Sometimes it highlights the activity of witchcraft assigned against you. But this dream might also let you know who are secretly planning evil against you.

Maybe you were the one taking a photograph of others in the dream then this usually means that you will be deliberately accused falsely for your work. Please pray for protection. Use Psalm 91, 105:15 and Psalm 71 during your prayers.

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