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The Origin Of Adowa Dance

 There over 70 ethnic groups in Ghana. Each of these ethnic groups have their unique way representing their culture wherever they find themselves. The first ethnic group to settle in Ghana was the Guans. After their settlement, many other groups followed from places like Seychelles, Nigeria and many more. The most popular group in Ghana now is the Akans. The Akans speaks the Akan language comprising of twi, akuapem, fante and many others.

Agbadza is the cultural dance of the people of Volta region. Today in this article, the limelight is on the Adowa dance.

The Adowa dance a the cultural dance of the people of the Akans. The word adowa was derived from the sacrificial animals deer (adowa) The dance is performed during festivals, funerals and important occasions among the people of Akans.

Hands and feet are mainly used to communicate message to observers. For example during a typical Akan festival, the king dances throwing his hands to East and West and then bringing it to his chest to signify that everything on that land both left and right is in his possession.

 Fontomfrom generally accompanies the adowa dance. Royals are well trained to perform the dance before a festival approaches. Festivals in Ghana brings people from all walks of life together in Ghana.

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