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You don't know this: 3 beliefs of the illuminati you never know.

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You don't know this, 3 believes of the illuminati you never know.

The Illuminati works to protect you and all humankind, throughout all generations and in all places. Our responsibility to this planet has spanned decades and outlasted even the most powerful governments. However, cultivating trillions of human lives is a daunting task, and while humanity would not exist today without our protection, many uninformed people misinterpret our guidance as a limitation on liberty.

Though being poor is not wrong, celebrating poverty is based on selfishness. A poor person can save one life, but a wealthy person can build a ho

spital and save tens of thousands.

The greater one's fortune, the greater one's du

ty to their fellow beings. Those with the most authority, like the Pyramid, will do the most good for the highest number of people below them.

The following are 3 main beliefs of the illuminati:

1.The Freedom And Belief Tenet: The majority of religious beliefs are based on hearsay, or information obtained from an outside source that cannot be confirmed. Millions will follow a religious text's commandments without ever speaking to its author, and billions will believe in a god because of miracles told to them by someone who wasn't even present or alive at the time.

2.Trade And Value: Every human wishes to be free of oppression, hardship, poverty, starvation, and rules and laws, but as you are aware, the nature of your species makes true freedom impossible.

3.Abundance and money: The impoverished can only do so much to help the poor, while the wealthy can help as many as they can. If someone is wealthy, they have the ability to help others, but if they are poor, they are unable to help anyone but themselves.

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