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Believed It Or Not, This Ancient Tribes Is the first nerds: Birth of technology

It was there that our ancestors made the first bone tools, the first abstract art, the first jewelry, and probably the first stone-tipped spears and arrows, research shows that they were using this tool to hurt before the arrival of the white. The spear, apart from hurting, was also used for fishing and other things.

The claims, based on archaeological findings over the past decade, contradict the widely held belief that modern human behavior originated in the Himba tribe in 40,000 years ago.

It is believed that the development of long-range weapons in Africa was the technological breakthrough that allowed humans to become the dominant species. The use of this technology also introduce inter ethnic fight among the tribes in Africa as the fought to claim supremancy.

All of these innovations, plus many others we are just discovering, clearly show that Homo sapiens in southern Africa at that time were cognitively modern and behaving in many ways like ourselves.

It is a good reason to be proud of our earliest, common ancestors who lived and evolved in South Africa and who later spread out into the rest of the world after about 60,000 years. They live a good life with remarkable technology. I am proud of them and also, a proud African.

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