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Kwaku Ananse stories: How young ones learnt cultural values

Every evening after household chores, the family would gather around the elderly in the family for story telling. The characters in these stories mostly always involved imaginary animal characters.

The principal character that always featured our local stories was the famous Kwaku Ananse. He would always play the part of being a cheat and at the end suffer the consequences for it. Such a story taught young ones not to be greedy and cheats in order not to suffer like Kwaku Ananse suffered.

Was it time wasting to gather every evening before our elderly people for stories?

Stories from days of old played very important roles in transmitting cultural values to the young ones. Young people learnt values such as honesty, braveness, hardworking, and others.

1. Ananse story telling was a way of keeping children at home. These stories were so interesting to listen to and as a result, children would always stay with the elderly to have such stories. This prevented them from wandering about.

2. Story telling was also a way of making children to be hardworking. Children who had not finished with their chores risked not being able to listening to stories that day. This was an indirect way of imparting the spirit of hardworking into children.

3. Ananse stories was also a form of entertainment. Without television and recreational centers, story telling became a way of doing away with boredom.

Story telling however had it's own setback of putting fear in children. After listening to some stories, children would fear even entering the dark room to pick an item.

Generally, stories were very crucial in our cultural setting and must be brought back to help mould our young ones into society.


By: jmahama

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