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5 Most Cultural values that distinguish Ghanaians from other Countries

These values of Ghanaians will surprise you, read to the end.

Values refer to the ideas that a group of people hold to be good or bad. They are the things that the group cherishes and are considered desirable. In Ghana, the 5 most common shared values that distinguishes as from other countries include the following;


This is one of the most distinguishing value associated with Ghanaians. Ghanaians are by nature friendly, especially to strangers. Ghanaians love to be helpful and friendly to people who visit them, both indigenous and foreign nationals


Ghanaians are naturally modest. They have simple lifestyles. Ghanaians are not boastful by nature. They do not like to talk about themselves, their achievements or their abilities, even if they successful.


This is another distinguishing value associated with Ghanaians. Ghanaians are particularly humble. A Ghanaian does not see himself as better than others. This is expressed especially greetings and the willingness to render apology when required.


Ghanaians also uphold the virtue of tolerance; which is the attitude of a person to accept situations and other person's beliefs, views and ways of life without criticizing them even, if he or she disagrees with them.


Ghanaians have respect for authority and elderly. They have the feeling of showing reverence to the laws of the land and the elderly in society. It is because of this, that any expression of rudeness on the part of the Ghanaians child is met with severe punishment.

Are we not proud as a Ghanaian?

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