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KNUST Student Expose Her Body To be Used As Art For $1000 [18+Videos & Photos]

A videos and pictures making waves seen by AfricaWish on social media has it that, a Level 200 KNUST female student have agreed for UK Art company expose her body for $1000 offer.

According to the Twitter user who shared the videos and the pictures, the student was known and have been using OnlyFans platform as part of her business to may money by exposing her body to clients during the Covid-19 Lockdown.

Amid a yearlong pandemic, record unemployment rates and a vitriolic election, OnlyFans exploded into pop culture and into the private lives of millions of people this year, providing a place to let loose and indulge in creating, engaging in and consuming adult content.

Although the platform hosts everyone from fitness bloggers to musicians, it continues to be a major hub for sex workers. Some of them have found it to be extremely lucrative, providing financial stability for them and their families without dealing with intermediary players.

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