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A Mirror In A Room Has Exposed An Old Man As 'Lover' Of This Young Girl When He Was Taking The Photo

A mirror has the tendency to expose a person taking a photograph when the person is standing directly opposite to it when taking a picture. This is the law of reflection which states that the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence. An incident ray of light hits a plane mirror at an angle and is reflected back off it. This is what exactly happened when an old man took the picture of this lady.

Looking at the image below, the lady poss for the camera as the old man was taking the picture. Unfortunately, there was a mirror in the room facing in opposite direction to where this old man was standing. It couldn't occur to both the old man and the lady that the old man will appear in the photograph.

But somebody will ask; how did you get to know that the old man is the 'lover' of this young girl? Check out the outfit of the old man. He didn't wear his nika properly after whatever they did. The nika he is wearing is down below his waist and it is even exposing his thing to the camera. A father or a relative of this young girl will never expose his thing to her just like that when taking a photograph. Only a lover will expose his thing to this young lady.

Some social media users after coming across this picture said that this is ignorant on the side of these people. They should have known that the mirror will definitely expose the old man who is not properly dressed in the room.

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