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Check Out The Siblings Born Without Eyes That Surprises Everyone.

In this life, we need to appreciate everything or even how we looks because there some kind of people living somewhere who wishes to be like us. This story should serve as a motivation to praise our creator for how we looks like.

In todays article, I will show you siblings who were born without having eyes. This sad and mysterious story looks scary. Louise, a 21-ears-old and her brother Velence were born without eyes. Velence's case is even worse because he's not only blind but also deaf and he cannot speak; which is very hard for anyone to ever imagine what this young boy is going through in life.

Meet Luis And Her Brother Valence Who Were Born Without Eyes | Luis Tells  Their Sad Story. - dailytrendznews

Their mother and father are normal beings without everything functioning very well but no ones knows the reason for their kids. The worse is that they were even born by poor parents so it makes living a hell to them.

Their father Joseph say their kids condition makes him sometimes question God whether he really exists. Thanks, kindly follow me for more updates and share as well to support my work please.

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Joseph Velence


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