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Wode Maya is projecting the African Success Stories.

The narrative about Africans and our way of life has been distorted. So many things were said about us that weren't true. Some even said Africans live on trees. People have made so many disparaging comments about the African.

The main problem is the way some of we Africans view and treat each other. It's appalling to know that an African see a fellow African as an enemy or a threat. We don't appreciate and help each other. If we don't speak good of ourselves and appreciate each other, who should come and do that for us? We need to change and embrace our uniqueness.

One gentleman rose one day and made a decision to try and change the negative impression others have about African. He is making that conscious effort in his own small way to change the narrative. This brother of ours that I am talking about is Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon who is popularly known as Wode Maya. Wode Maya made the sojourn to go and study in China.

After his experiences in China about the way the African is treated, he made the move to change the narrative. He decided to make videos about Africans and our way life. He published them on YouTube so that the world could see the real African. With some funds he had from a friend, he travelled to Africa. He has travelled to more than 18 African countries and still counting. He has brought to the limelight the African success stories which are hitherto ignored by the mainstream media.

I just can't find words to describe the amazing work he has been doing. Kudos to him and I want all and sundry to support him to make the African dream a reality. You can follow him on all social media platforms and also subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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