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Why would Solomon say life is pointless?

What had gotten Solomon so worked up that he would declare, "Everything is futile"? Why would he, of all people, say life is pointless? After all, Solomon was the wisest person in the world. If Solomon had given up on the meaning of life, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Solomon began Ecclesiastes with an important question that he'll try to answer as we unfolds. "What does a person gain for all his efforts that he labors at under the sun?" Solomon would struggle again and again to find life's key, to no avail (2:11,22; 3:9; 5:16). Life "under the sun" is life apart from God. It is life viewed through the lens of someone who believes there is nothing above the sun, in the heavens. 

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon placed himself in the Shoes of the atheist and tried to explain this world from that perspective. Solomon wanted us to know that, apart from God, this life has no meaning.

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