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Dramatic Scene After a Mother Busts Her Daughter In The Act With A Man in Her Bedroom

Children must obey their parents regardless of the circumstances, and must not disrespect their parents. A woman has caught her daughter, who dropped out of school, with a man in her bedroom on top of her matrimonial bed.

She alerted her neighbors after she caught her daughter enjoying forbidden fruit in her room. She claimed that her daughter, who refused to continue her education, had been bringing men into her home without her knowledge. 

Furthermore, she said her neighbors told her, but she never believed until today she returned from the market only to see her daughter in her room enjoying forbidden fruit. She said when she got home, she saw her daughter playing with her man in the room. 

Note: Image used for illustration.

Before she could alert her neighbors, she ran away. What do you think is the best punishment for this little girl who has refused to continue her education and has chosen to be with men? How would you handle her if she was your daughter?

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